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Decorative Horn Spoon Vouga

The Vouga Horn Decorative Spoon was made to a high standard of quality and refinement. Take the chance to enjoy the conditions of Maria Pia Casa!

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Regular Price: $4.98

Special Price $3.49

Decorative Horn Spoon Vouga

Regular Price: $4.98

Special Price $3.49

Meet the Vouga Horn Decorative Spoon! The horn articles are capable of completely transforming the look of any composition, as they present a superior quality, in addition to lavishing style and refinement. This beautiful decorative horn spoon combines functionality and beauty, adding a lot of sophistication to enhance everyday meals. It is worth checking up close!

Handmade spoon made of horn

Height: 2 cm

Length: 15 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 0.24 Kg

SKU 30106

1 - Deliveries from two or more items, please be aware that we may choose to make separate deliveries for each item.

Material Horn
Warranty 6

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