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Game Dominoes in Nevada Resin Box

The Domino Game in Nevada Resin Box is a guarantee of quality, charm and style. If you are a fan of this habit, take the opportunity to spice up your good times!

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Regular Price: $69.16

Special Price $48.41

Game Dominoes in Nevada Resin Box

Regular Price: $69.16

Special Price $48.41

Know the Game O Domin in Nevada Resin Box !

The domin O originated in China and is characterized by being a strategic game that promotes entertainment and concentration and can gather up to four players.

If you enjoy this practice of joining friends to play dominoes O, be sure to enjoy the charm and the quality of this piece that presents manufacturing resin. These good times will be even more special, check it out!

Domino set made of wood, covered with horn.

Height: 4 cm

Length: 25 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 0.4152 Kg

SKU 37536

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