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Decorative Spoon Wall Frame

If you are looking for pictures to decorate the house, be sure to enjoy the charm of this Decorative Spoon Wall Picture, made in resin. Check-out!


Regular Price: $12.16

Special Price $8.51

Decorative Spoon Wall Frame

Regular Price: $12.16

Special Price $8.51

Meet the Spoon Wall Decorative Frame !

Made of resin with perfect finishing details, this beautiful decorative painting is a great option for those looking to decorate walls and bring more personality to the composition of the house.

If you are looking to enhance the kitchen decor , bet on the charm of the cutlery frames , pieces that result in a charming aesthetic effect. Be sure to enjoy!

Decorative frame made of high quality resin, aged finish.

Height: 17 cm

Length: 11 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 0.2544 Kg

SKU 34421

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Maria Pia Casa
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