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Nile Oval Decorative Glass Vase - Marina Line

The colorful Round Nilo Decorative Glass Vasode, by Maria Pia Casa, is ideal to bring more charm and joy to your composition. Buy it now.


Regular Price: $75.34

Special Price $52.73

Nile Oval Decorative Glass Vase - Marina Line

Regular Price: $75.34

Special Price $52.73

The origin of the glass is usually attributed to the ancient Egyptians who already knew the rudimentary techniques of production in 2700 BC Several glass adornments were developed until the vase itself was reached.

There are currently a large number of glass vases on the market, with numerous shapes, colors, sizes and styles all to please all personal and decorative tastes. This model of Nilo Round Decorative Glass Vase, from the Marina Line, draws attention for its vivid color and is ideal to make your environment more cheerful.

Take advantage of all the attributes of this beautiful glass vase, with handmade finish, to make your composition more personality and style.

The Decorative Glass Vase has a handmade finish.

Height: 9 cm

Length: 16 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 2.4 Kg

SKU 48676
Color Blue

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Material Glass
Warranty 6

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Maria Pia Casa
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