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Decorative Amur III Porcelain and Bronze Box

So that you can decorate furniture with personality and great taste, take the opportunity to check out the beauty of the Amur III porcelain and bronze Decorative Box. Check out!


Regular Price: $266.26

Special Price $186.39

Decorative Amur III Porcelain and Bronze Box

Regular Price: $266.26

Special Price $186.39

Meet the Amur III Bronze and Porcelain Decorative Box !

This beautiful porcelain box is a piece ç the perfect decorative to adorn mobile in several areas, as it features a finish decorated with great detail.

You can take the chance to store small objects, in the bedroom, bathroom or other environments, offering more beauty and personality to these spaces. Be sure to check it out!

Decorative box made in Chinese porcelain with hand painted and cracked finish, bronze details.

Height: 18 cm

Length: 14 cm

Width: 19 cm

Weight: 1.38 Kg

SKU 38174

1 - Deliveries from two or more items, please be aware that we may choose to make separate deliveries for each item.

Material Porcelain
Warranty 6

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Maria Pia Casa
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