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Vilaine Decorative Glass Bottle

This beautiful Vilaine Glass Bottle will be a charm on the shelf or as a table decoration. Be sure to enjoy it here at Maria Pia Casa!


Regular Price: $32.69

Special Price $22.88

Vilaine Decorative Glass Bottle

Regular Price: $32.69

Special Price $22.88

The glass pieces are perfect to create a more intimate environment, as they are able to provide light games, due to their transparency.

This beautiful Vilaine Decorative Glass Bottle , for example, will be charming on the shelf or as a table decoration . Be sure to enjoy it here at Maria Pia Casa !

Decorative bottle made by hand in high quality glass.

Height: 19 cm

Length: 11 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 0.432 Kg

SKU 32632

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