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Metal Leaf Decorative Box

This small decorative metal box will look great to decorate the children's room or be part of the details of the home decor.


Regular Price: $25.31

Special Price $7.59

Metal Leaf Decorative Box

Regular Price: $25.31

Special Price $7.59

Meet the Metal Leaf Decorative Box !

This small decorative box will offer you a lot of practicality, so that you can store your small belongings in a safe and elegant way.

Ideal to be used on office desks, desks or even the toilet, it has space to accommodate objects such as coins and accessories. You can also take the opportunity to gift someone special . Check it out here at Maria Pia Casa !

Product made of high quality metal.

Height: 6 cm

Length: 11 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 0.3288 Kg

SKU 35515
Rating 4 stars

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Material Metal
Warranty 6

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