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Porcelain and Bronze Box IV - Imperial

Check on our website the Porcelain and Bronze IV Box, from the Imperial line, and other pieces from the Maria Pia Casa porcelain collection. Enjoy.


Regular Price: $166.81

Special Price $116.77

Porcelain and Bronze Box IV - Imperial

Regular Price: $166.81

Special Price $116.77

Maria Pia Casa offers this beautiful decorative box, made in Chinese porcelain, with rich bronze details. Ideal to store your belongings in a beautiful and elegant way, the piece has a painting that refers to past dynasties of the Chinese empire and, in particular, portrays elements of nature.

The finishing technique uses the cracking technique to help generate an aging aspect to the product.

Porcelain and bronze box produced and painted by hand with the addition of the cracking technique.


Height: 19cm Width: 19cm Length: 17cm

Height: 19 cm

Length: 19 cm

Width: 17 cm

Weight: 3.6 Kg

SKU 48097

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Material Porcelain
Warranty 06 months

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