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Decorative Metal Lantern India

The Metal India Decorative Lantern is a decorative object that can be used in the decoration of the living room, balcony and looks beautiful in the garden.

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Regular Price: $394.22

Special Price $275.95

Decorative Metal Lantern India

Regular Price: $394.22

Special Price $275.95

Lanterns have been around since 1792, they were powered by kerosene. Its creation provided an increase in working hours in the factories, in addition to being useful for nautical and railway signaling. Despite being an expendable piece these days because we already have electricity. The lantern remains very present in the decorations, providing charm and warmth to homes. The India Silver IV Lantern is a beautiful piece in metal with an old silver bath, glass and with an Indian design, besides being decorative it is also functional (insert a candle inside). A great option to compose a rustic decoration, one idea of using the piece is to gather some lanterns of different shapes and sizes to give life to a dull corner in your home or even under the sideboard!

Decorative lantern made of metal

Height: 70 cm

Length: 30 cm

Width: 30 cm

Weight: 4.8 Kg

SKU 33088
Lighting Lanterns

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