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Creativity combined with research into the use of new materials and new technologies, this is the most striking feature in his work. Sergio Fahrer started his career in an unusual way, studied at MIT (musicians institute of technology) in Los Angeles, USA, and there he learned the art of lutherie (design and construction of musical instruments). With the technology of building musical instruments he began his work as a designer, his first piece - the blues chair, became an icon of national design. Today, its design is a world reference when it comes to curved wooden furniture design, called multilamination. With this process, which has already earned him an international patent, he can give his furniture extremely organic forms with a great finish. He uses a wide variety of wood species in his work and mixes them with aviation aluminum, guitar picks, recycled pvc tubes, mixed carbon fiber and laminated glass with polycarbonate. Sergio has participated in 3 Brazilian design biennials, has national and international awards with pieces exhibited in Germany, France, England, San Francisco, New York and Argentina. He recently started a partnership with Brother Jack Fahrer with whom he drew the last two releases four-handedly. In 2006 he was invited by Simone Mattar to design all the furniture of the Sesc commission and the restaurants of the social service network of commerce in São Paulo. After 5 years, and with the success of his work, today is expanding the furniture line to all Sesc networks in Brazil. Like Lina Bo Bardi furniture for Sesc Pompeii, Sergio Fahrer's furniture has the potential to be part of the collective imagination of a portion of Brazilians of all ages and social classes who frequent Sesc's throughout Brazil.