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Cristiano Gallina and Everton Visentini are Designers for training, aptitude and love. They took 15 years of luggage in the area to the Gallina Visentini pieces creation studio. The studio was born out of their dream of making contemporary, sustainable and lasting design.

Passionate about drawing, computer graphics and technology, designers appreciate art, music and architecture. Taste and passions that nourish their lives, influence their work and are reflected in the concepts of the pieces that bear their surnames and that have already won several awards, including international ones, such as the iF Product Design Award from Hannover in Germany in 2006 and 2011.

They understand that design is the art of “rethinking the future”. In addition, other pieces also gained prominence, such as Banco Circle, in the exhibition collection of the 26th Museu da Casa Brasileira Award in 2012, at Brazil S / A in Milan, Italy, and at ArtFair in Miami, in 2013.

Each product developed by the duo is thought to be unique and combines the lightness of aesthetics with the accurate mathematics of execution, including sustainable seal.

The result of the work is a rich collection, always looking for its own style, universal design and, of course, functionality.