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Born in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Rejane Carvalho Leite has a degree in architecture and urbanism. Seduced by product design, she started to develop projects for the industry in 2002. The way to search for knowledge in this sector was inside the factories, making prototypes and testing materials and techniques. He worked in partnership with an Italian architectural firm in the city of Florence, Italy, as well as taking improvement courses at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

In the creative process, the first hand strokes demonstrate the concern with the conscious use of materials and productivity. It is in the roots of Brazilian culture itself, in architecture, in nature, in poetry, in the plastic arts, in crafts and in the experience of everyday life that it renews its inspiring source. Wood, metal, acrylic, fiber, aluminum, leather, fabric and cardboard are on the list of raw materials used by Rejane in the production of new parts, paying attention to the prime of joining technology with the perception of manuality in the smallest detail, as added value. . Today draws is a select group of companies. His work combines rationalism and aesthetic intuition using the latest technologies to obtain a timeless product.